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Lab Services

Reduce Chair time
Stress and Porcelain Fracture

Our unique edge comes from our extensive experience.

Increase Longevity
All our PFMs and Implants

Are produced using our unique esthetic full contour and cut back technique.

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Minami Dental Milling is a provider of the highest quality and techniques available to those in the US. Our services are utilized by many of the country’s top prosthodontic schools, including Baylor College of Dentistry, Southern California Veterans Affairs dental clinics, UCLA, and Marquette University. Providing the highest quality restorations and using the best materials in the industry, topped off with a team that is eager to show you what we have to offer and looking forward to building long term relationships with all of our doctors.

Customer satisfaction is a top priority for us here at Minami. Our team of technicians is capable of handling the toughest tasks. All restorations go through a stringent QC process led by our Master Technician, Alex Nam.

All Minami Dental Milling PFMs and Implants are produced using our unique esthetic full contour wax up and cut back technique.

Why Choose Us?

Our detailed workflow in creating the perfect restoration yeilds consistent results.

Consistent Results- Our detailed workflow in creating the perfect restoration yields consistent results.

Our experienced team of technicians are not only Master and Certified Dental Technicians, but also educated in techniques from Europe and Asia.

Our quality not only comes from our skills but also from the high quality and only FDA approved materials to produce the best restorations available.

Utilizing the latest technologies with our strong foundation of worldwide training delivers great results for your patients.

Esthetic Implants

All-Zirconia, Zirconia Abutment w/ Ti Insert, Titanium Abutment, and more.

Porcelain Fused to Metal

High Nobel Yellow, High Noble White, Semi-Precious Alloys.

All Ceramic Restoration

3M Lava, Zirconia, Empress & e.max Veneer, Crown, and Inlay/Onlay, and more.

Full Cast Restoration

Full cast crown, onlay, inlay, High Noble Yellow Casting Alloy [62% Au].

Work Completion Schedule

1 Unit 3+ Units
Porcelain Fused to Metal 7 Days 10 Days
Full Metal Restoration 7 Days 10 Days
IPS Empress & e.max 7 Days 10 Days
Lava 9 Days 12 Days
Zirconia 9 Days 12 Days
Inlay/Onlay 7 Days 10 Days
Implants 9 Days 12 Days

Please Note

Rush Case Services are available for most restorations, call 1-833-355-7789 to pre-schedule.

All Crown and Bridge cases include stone model work, dies, articulator mounting, and casting.